Drumbooth controller with Raspberry Pi and JavaFX

Based on multiple examples from my book “Getting started with Java on Raspberry Pi”, I created a touchscreen controller for the drum booth of my son. Combined with relays boards and an Arduino this allows to control LED strips and different lights with a touch screen interface. There is also a web server included so we […]

Controlling Arduino with Mosquitto and JavaFX on Raspberry Pi

One of the example applications in my book “Getting started with Java on the Raspberry Pi” combines a JavaFX application with Mosquitto on the Raspberry Pi to control a LED strip with an Arduino. All wireless and independent of each other as the Mosquitto-queue is dealing with exchange commands between all applications.

Playing Music With Remote Control

This was the first experiment I did with Ken Shirrif’s Infrared Remote Control Library for the Arduino. The circuit uses a TSOP382 IR photo sensor to receive the codes from the Clarion remote controller I had lying around. Once the code is received the program then decides which tone to play. In this example I […]