Watch Me Build an ESP32 E-Paper Dev Kit

Since deciding to redesign the hardware around the ESP32 module I’ve also decided to share as much of the process as I can. I want to show people everything that’s involved start to finish in building a piece of production hardware from scratch. To do that I’m live streaming the entire process on Twitch and […]

Attendance Logger

I made this project long time ago. It was build as proof of concept while working for local tech company. Since then I have used it to track my working hours on my personal projects. Here is how you can make one.

MAX7219 and 8×8 LED Matrix on breadboard

I popped the MAX7219 and 8×8 LED Matrix from the kit and made it a little more social (watch video to see what I mean).  Using the MAX7219 requires only 3 pins from the arduino, a couple capacitors and resistor.  All the multiplexing is handled by the chip.  When writing to the device you shift […]