Plant Monitoring and Watering System Using Hexabitz

Set up your Pi to automatically take care of your plant by reading a moisture & weight data from Hexabitz modules, and watering when needed. Load Cell Sensor (H26R0x): H26R0x is a load cell (strain gauge) sensor interface module based on Avia Semiconductor HX711 Wheatstone bridge ADC and STM32F0 MCU. This module is a precision […]

64-bit Raspbian OS on Raspberry Pi 4 with USB BOOT

A micro SD card is the default way to add an operating system to the Raspberry Pi. But there is an alternative you need to consider if you want to make your system more reliable. SD cards are not super fast and can get corrupted when you are writing a lot to disc. There is […]

Why you should learn to program on the Raspberry Pi

In this article “Java vs Python – Which Programming Language Should Programmer Learn First?” by Javin Paul, you can find a comparison between the two most popular programming languages. Of course, as being a Java-developer myself, it’s not a mystery which I would prefer 😉 But more important than the language, could be the computer you are using! […]

Book introduction: “Getting Started with Java on Raspberry Pi”

On this site you can already find multiple examples of Java applications written for the Raspberry Pi Projects: Drumbooth controller with Raspberry Pi and JavaFX Raspberry Pi and SPI 8×8 LED matrix example with Java and Pi4j OpenWeatherMap forecast on LCD with Raspberry Pi, Java and Pi4J Controlling a LED number display with JavaFX and […]

Drumbooth controller with Raspberry Pi and JavaFX

Based on multiple examples from my book “Getting started with Java on Raspberry Pi”, I created a touchscreen controller for the drum booth of my son. Combined with relays boards and an Arduino this allows to control LED strips and different lights with a touch screen interface. There is also a web server included so we […]