Featured Hackers

The following hackers/makers have projects featured on this site

  • Blaž Pongrac - A maker with almost 10 years of experience with Arduino programming and electronics and 2 years of experience with 3D printing (check out his Thingiverse profile. Blaž has a BSc from Automation and Robotics and is currently working on a MSc in the same field. Learn more about Blaž on Fiverr and Instructables. Also check Viki One, where he works as project manager.

  • David Riewe - Electronics Tech with over 20 years of experience in the computer industry. I enjoy building micro-controlled projects, programming and web development. read my full bio here.

  • Kevin Sidwar - Software Guy with an EE Degree. Obsessed with teaching people about the Internet of Things. Check out his YouTube Channel and Follow Him on Twitter

  • Luis Antonio Silva - I am a Mechanical Engineer and a maker enthusiast. I like to develop new ideas combining electronics and programming. Follow Luis on Hackster.io

  • Mike McRoberts - Hackster.io London Ambassador. Author of 'Beginning Arduino'. Member of Medway Makers, Maidstone Hackspace & North Kent Raspberry Pi User Group.

  • Oliver Chen - Maker, Mentor, and Educator

  • Scott Reesor - An electrical engineer with industrial experience ranging from electrical drives to PCB design. Designing PCB’s is not just a vocation but a very serious hobby that He really enjoys doing. Scott is always designing new boards as a way testing new circuits and ideals plus it provides him with a way of improving upon his skills as a designer. Not only does He design the PCB’s in Eagle Cad but He also fabricates the boards himself as a way of further testing the design. Scott has some great projects and tutorials in the work for our readers. Meanwhile, learn more about Scott on his fiverr page.

  • Slant Concepts - Slant is a group of makers and engineers creating robots and other gadgets. Follow them on Hackster.io.

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